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2017 Publication

At the JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur

2016 Publication

Power to Change Lives

From a Technopreneur to a Managementpreneur and today a Socialpreneur 
(Social Entrepreneur is the full description and you can watch this video about it)

The Art of Sun Fu, the best of the East (Meizhou Howard Johnson, China 2015)

The Science of Sun Fu, the best of the West (Provo Marriott, USA 2015)

The Harmony of Sun Fu, the best of the East and West (Logan, Shingo Institute in Utah State University)


My team today is focused on a Vision of positive Change that is rapid and sustainable for individuals as well as organizations. We will use 3 modalities from ancient philosophy combined with optimal use of modern day technology and up-to-date information that are scientifically verified. 

My writings could be categorized into the BODY MIND SPIRIT (BMS) aspects or three dimensions of my life discovered when I was in New York City of USA as shared here.  The three dimensions of my life also began to be linked to my Chinese name (张山福) spelled in English with the acronym CSF arranged in the Chinese order with the surname first (CHONG Sun Fu) and not the Western order (Sun Fu CHONG). This link was color coded where red represented the Body, blue for the Mind and green for the Spirit. (Note: My name recorded at birth as Chong Sun Fu did not follow the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China known as Hanyu Pinyin where my name would have been spelled as Zhang Shan Fu.)

My interest in life was added to sync with the initials of my name which also correlates with my understanding of each of the dimensions of my life. This means I understand the Body has the interest to Connect, the Mind to Synergize and the Spirit to Futurize. This became an icon seen at the bottom of each page of my original Heart and Mind website as displayed below (They were originally written for PC view only with gradual conversion of each page such as this one)  :

Connect * Synergize * Futurize

Connect - When you connect, there seems to be a link created between two entities to enable them to understand and appreciate each other. From the time I was born, I sought to connect to all kinds of people from all walks of life and my body began to be charged up to become filled with passion and love for others

Synergize - As I matured, my mind seemed to make sense of all the experiences and knowledge that it was absorbing like a sponge. At first they didn't make much sense and often times had to be rote learned or memorized but like musical notes learnt without meaning at first, beautiful music began to appear that flowed naturally or in harmony, metaphorically speaking to allow the different people, entities or modalities to create more common sense, beauty, results and even relentless energy. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Futurize - As time moved on, I found myself surprisingly becoming a creator of the future, to realize that like everyone else, we are all creating something new in time, a new relationship, a new baby, a new story and sometimes even a new understanding, concept or tribe that can change the world for the better!

Hence the Chronicles of FamilylaneFastlane and Spiritlane were subconsciously created to be the information storage sites of my life's experiences. They lead to my journals or personal history of my life covering the 3 unique or different modalities that I had realized existed in life.

Recording the results of each separately allows me to identify the characteristics of each that are unique from the others. Combining them creates a unique tapestry of my three-dimensional life that I feel has helped increase my understanding of who I am and why I behave the way I do or why I am capable of doing what I am able to do. My own writings here summarizes how I value time and why self-discipline is necessary in my life to achieve self-mastery as opposed to the way education manufactures graduates with a certificate. Education can only give you the basics, self-mastery will give you a 'black belt' to achieve Optimal Performance and Thinking(OPT) required in this fast-changing world of ours today! Hence a new OPTION arises for individuals and organizations, even nations, to choose from that which will better prepare us for the challenges and opportunities in the life of the 21st Century! Keep track of the latest in our online media in Talklane OPTION.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts indeed. (Click here to see how others explain it.)

From the journals of living in three dimensions :

Familylane (Body)

Kuala Lumpur 1958

Kuala Lumpur 2002 

Singapore 2014
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Fastlane (Mind)

Kuala Lumpur 1985

Las Vegas 1996

Logan 2016

Spiritlane (Spirit)

New Zealand 1980

Malaysia 1994

Australia 2014

The seeds of TalkLane in the early years :

Media Coverage

Press and Publications :

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After the milestone achievement above, Talklane is born!

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The pre-launch of Talklane in the Lunar Year of the Monkey!

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With the Singapore Country Head of DBS bank :

A follow up story on Mr. Sim S. Lim on video was produced by The Straits Times. Click here to read the write-up or watch the video below:

Profile of Mr. Sim S. Lim

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